Safety Gates Essential to Industrial Safety

The importance of safety gates in the industrial environment cannot be underestimated. You find these installed across factories, warehouses and all manner of manufacturing and other types of industrial facilities. Most have potentially risky and hazardous zones which need to be segregated from staff and other employees. Among the many things that employees need to be guarded against are stairs, machinery, loading areas, and so on.

This is where safety gates play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of the staff and employees who work at a facility. Safety Gates are deliberately painted in bright and prominent colors so as to make their presence clearly seen and felt. There are a number of areas where you might find safety gates installed. Ladder openings, for example, need to be secured with the help of a safety gate, so as not to compromise worker safety. A roof hatch opening might be protected by a self-closing safety gate. In large plants where vehicles and pedestrians might cross each other’s paths, safety gates can be used to demarcate the safe walking areas from the danger zones.

There are many reasons why industrial facilities must have safety gates. For instance, you may have construction or renovation going on at your facility, making it very hazardous for your regular worker to move around the place without some sort of a warning or cautioning mechanism in place. Maybe there are dangerous chemicals, or hazards above. Safety gates help provide protection under a variety of conditions.

mezzanine safety gate installation
Example of a mezzanine safety gate installation

Safety gates can be a life saver in the dangerous loading dock areas of plants. Such areas are mishap-prone and see constant loading and unloading carried out by trucks, forklifts, and workers. Not only do the safety gates forestall any falls into the loading area, but they also act as a visual warning on account of the fact that these are brightly painted.

Facilities that have a number of mezzanine areas would do well to have mezzanine gates installed to prevent falls or unauthorized access thereby forestalling the occurrence of mishaps. Facilities that have dangerous equipment being operated by workers should ideally install safety gates to stop unimpeded and unauthorized access by people who might get injured by walking around these areas. If your facility is replete with stairways and floor holes, you might want to install safety gates to keep people out of harm’s way.

Safety Gates are also a great way of protecting expensive machinery and equipment. With many of these costing a fortune, it makes eminent sense to invest a little more in these gates and secure one’s expensive equipment. Large open air industrial elevators are quite prone to accidents and mishaps in the absence of safety gates- so this is another area where you find them quite useful.

Facilities that are safe and secure on account of the installation of safety gates usually witness enhanced productivity since workers can go about performing their tasks with confidence. As a matter of fact, an industrial facility that installs safety gates on its premises helps promote a culture of safety and efficiency among its staff, ultimately resulting in a higher ROI.

Every year tens of billions of dollars are spent on treating workers injured in industrial accidents. Add to that the cost of worker-hours lost, and you begin to get an idea of the negative impact upon the national economy. That’s another reason why it makes absolute sense for all industrial entities to take the installation of safety measures like industrial safety gates, quite seriously.

Apart from the financial aspect, one also has to look at the human aspect. Human beings might be a factor of production like land and capital, but don’t lose their essential human nature. No organization worth its while can afford to cut corners if it puts their employees’ safety at risk.

The topmost priority should be employee safety and well-being. While the authorities might put in place regulations like OSHA, it is the business owners themselves who should come forward – and indeed are coming forward – to implement the latest employee welfare and security measures. The digital age has made it possible to design and manufacture safety devices that are both highly efficient and cost effective, thereby making it possible for more and more industries and organizations to implement the best and latest safety measures across their plants and other infrastructure.

Going forward, one can foresee a future where industrial safety may reach much higher levels than exist today, thanks to better awareness, progressive companies, and cutting-edge technology.


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