Guide to Security Gates: Importance, Types and Advantages

Why Security Gates are Important

Security Gates are extremely important for businesses for a number of reasons. One of the most important ones is the fact that these prevent crime. Because most factories and plants and even corporate offices may have valuable assets installed on the premises, security gates can help secure these. If it hadn’t been for security gates the losses from theft at business premises would have been way greater than what they are. Then some businesses are located in areas that are impacted by extreme weather like floods and storms. Security gates with weatherproof features can help contain the damage to a large extent. Installing good quality security gates also helps you save the costs you would incur in hiring security guards to protect your business premises.

Types of Security Gates

Types of Security Gates

There are many types of security gates being installed at commercial and industrial organizations across the world. These are installed at airports, factories, water treatment plants, transportation terminals and so on. They are also installed in residential areas like upscale condominium complexes.


 Slide Gates

Also known as V groove rolling slide gates is largely used at commercial facilities. Though these are highly efficient and convenient they are quite expensive to maintain and may not be everybody’s choice.

Cantilever Slide Gates

Cantilever Slide Gates are similar to V groove rolling gates except for the fact that unlike conventional slide gates, these are no guided by rollers moving along a ground track. These instead move sideways as well as back using roller wheels that are installed on top of the gate posts. So these pretty much overcome the maintenance disadvantage of conventional slide gates.

Swing Gates

These open like conventional doors, being able to extend as much as 90 degrees when fully open. However, these may not be ideally suited to unmanned entrances where they might prove to be a hazard to people and vehicles passing through it.

Vertical Lift Gates

As the name suggests these gates rise upwards rather than move sideways. These gates are quite compact and efficient in terms of efficient utilization of space. By their very nature such gates are best suited to an industrial setting.

Bi-Folding Gates

Here two gates come together to close at the center. These gates have the advantage of speeding up the movement of vehicles passing through the gates.

Advantages of Installing Security Gates

There are a number of advantages that accrue to a business or an organization that installs security gates. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  1. Deterrence Against Crime

Not only do security gates prevent crime, they also act as a deterrent against it. The presence of formidable-looking security gates makes criminals think twice before attempting a break-in into someone’s premises.

  1. Saves you Money

Once you have installed security gates you do not need to invest in hiring security guards or paying for mobile patrols.

  1. Security Gates Make Your Premises Look Professional

Not only do security gates make your premises appear professional, they improve the aesthetics of a place as well.

  1. Helps Comply with Regulations

Security Gates procured from reputed manufacturers can help you comply with specific security and safety issues that might be relevant in the case of your plant and premises.

  1. Helps Keep Staff Safe During Construction and Renovation

If there is construction or renovation happening at your plant or any other facility security gates help the staff keep away from areas that might be hazardous or unsafe.

  1. Security Gates Are a Lifesaver in Docking Areas

Docking areas are quite accident prone what with all the loading and unloading being carried out by forklift trucks and the presence of a multitude of workers. Installing security gates can help instill order in the docking area.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

A plant and facility that has installed security gates usually see an increase in productivity on account of the sense of security felt by the workers.

When one talks about industrial safety, security gates form a very important part of it. Security gates these days deploy cutting edge technology that makes them both highly efficient and economical to operate. Whenever a plant, facility or business installs security gates it witnesses an overall improvement in the work environment. There is invariably greater efficiency, safety, and productivity that eventually results in an enhanced ROI (Return on Investment).

With the advent of the digital age, it has become possible to design and manufacture products that are tremendously efficient, while being reasonably priced. This has resulted in more and businesses choosing to upgrade their facilities. The new-age security gates reflect these advances in ample measure. We can expect more and more organizations to opt for installing these new-age security gates and enhancing their security and productivity.


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