Crossover Stairs

  • Eliminates Custom Welding and Fabrication – Get 3D images and drawings of the crossover platform and a quote in minutes, not weeks.
  • Lowers Costs – Engineering costs are virtually eliminated
  • Always OSHA-Compliant – Built to comply with OSHA’s regulations in any configuration
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Construction – Innovative design reduces welds, strengthening the overall system

Easily Installed and Reconfigured. Our Crossover stairs and platforms provide safe passage over areas with obstructions, danger zones, and other hazards. With five main components, ErectaStep’s crossover platforms can be configured to span a wide range of obstacles. Using ErectaStep’s modular components is simple to create safe access platforms, metal work platforms, stairway bridges… all OSHA compliant.

Create a 12′ linear clearance crossover stairway by bolting 4 work platforms together and adding tower support at each end. That’s how easy it is to create a customized, solid, and safe crossover platform of any length and height.

ErectaStep rooftop crossover stair adobe San Jose CA